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1. Never chase the things that others told you are happiness. Look around for the key of your inner smile.

2. Throw away the lies – soon or later you will choke your happiness and luck in that deadly net.

3. Never use the words just as words – feel them. Never use the people just as people-respect them.

4. Do not hire best friends – just be around  real true person.

5. Do not feel sorry that the  top of your dream is far away. Smile on each step getting you closer to it.

6. Do not calculate, consume and desire – just  think, feel and follow.

7. Always give away all you got for your dreams, thoughts and ideas.

8. Do not waste time crying about the fail today – just take a note for the future.

9. Always give away without expectation to earn – there is something, someone or just ‘some’ that will be given back to you if you were real.

10. Do not let world, society and life to change you! YOU are the person who should change those!