Prey of the Pride

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

When you are alone… When you feel yourself unidentified because the lack of roots of your own… When you are not sure if you are victim of the surrounding society or a lonely hunter of weaker than you souls…

You start asking yourself… What’s the right choice… Should you be the predator that prowl the vitality of someone else blood… Or you are just another antelope waiting for its nature end.

Most of us are just part of society founded by the main rule that the weaker should be shredded by the jaws of  carnivores thirsty for  bloody success …Others picking up the path of being on their own … Finding the truth about life and honest step by step victory… But what are they? Panthers or domesticated goat with no boldness split in their horns?

At some point you think you are not just another accident on the road … Something that makes you special… Something that makes you different than all those wolves and sheeps that we just call world…But  are you?

Do you humbly eat the grass that grows around the dust of all that death and life… Or do you grasping create death and life that will leave to the rest that so desired bite of green ?

It is funny how  during you imagine the taste of the fleshy dinner… you become one…And that definitely  will leave your mind with huge  question who you are  ?

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