Chronicles of Path Walker(Chapter V) : Jungle of Emotions

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So I head faraway from that shore… Step by step just to go away from that shore… After few minutes of my  tiny existence, I am  passing bushes of green- get into the wild jungle of this island, of this experience …

As further I get into this wilderness as much I feel how my heart got pumped up and get over my mind…Is it the humidity of that jungle i step into or just the shade of my destiny… Probably I will never get to know…

So I am going into the deep wilderness …  Grass comes into bushes… Bushes into trees … Threes into wild uncontrollable emotions…

And without sense of time I am there… In the middle of that jungle… No matter where I will turn my eyesight  I am surrendered of palm threes and colourful plants. So much colours that my soul totally overtake the  control of my mind… I smile… Without a reason… Smile of all that brings a colour in my life  right now!!! I smile at all that proves to me I could see around me and all that make me forget the feeling of being blind…

I am starving.. Starving for that fruit full of colour that will fill up my grey soul… I touch with eyes all that rainbow colours that surrounds me… I smell all that tropical air of mixed feelings… I stop my eyesight on this little red cherry full of passion … Without realizing how I take it off the brunch of life , it is already intimidating with my dry and cracked of loneliness lips… I swallow all that colour in me !!!!  

Suddenly I start hearing all that monkey screams… That makes all of the leaves in that jungle shiver… I feel how the southern wind  warms up my dead cold soul and makes it boil… I dare to say… I could admit my  tired feet manage to make a step ahead… Tasting that poison of  emotions, dreams, ideas and sense for surviving in this lonely life…. I see through the life point, I am blind for all of the rest…I am deaf for my logic, I hear the madness of my heart …With each pulse beat in my veins… With each breath I take… I am getting closer to that drawing called happiness. 

I am running .. Running as wild animal… I forget all of that pain  that makes me feel helpless… I do not pay attention to all those spikes of sin that  scares my naked skin…My body is bleeding… My ankles are struggling catching up with my temp… But you know what??? I am smiling… Cause I am living in that rainbow world of happiness… And there is no reason … There should not be any… I am just happy  lost person in my own emotions and I do not care if you are going to find explanation or not…

And as I am running , drugged by the unreasonable happiness of me being living in that huge nothing… I felt thirsty… Thirsty for the truth of me being here in this world, in this time, in this location…. My feet  hit the wet stones around that little streamlet … My knees hit the ground, tired and scared…. My lips taste of that freshness called sobriety… I totally  soaked into that  … My mind start pulling the strings of my soul …And something  snaps through my sense of survival … I pull up my eyes away from that coolish water and stare ahead… Into the eyes of that beast… Having freshness from the same stream as me.. Our eyes cross…Tiger full of stripes of anger… Its eyes full of madness…It is not the beast across me… It is just me mirroring on the water surface.. All that I am afraid of… Straight across my eyes…It stares in me like the very next prey…Looking for my  weak sides … It wants to bite me.. To  tear me on tiny pieces of thoughtless reasons of existence… I am scared… It is starving for flesh of fear…But I got nothing to lose… Just dreams captured in flesh of human life…

I find  strength to pick up myself above all of that zero ground of nothing that human weakness… And to run away… But I am not running away that beast … I am running away of what I should not be turn into… I run away from all that death and pain  that makes me feel just a creator… I run away from sadness… I run away from that pain that just fear could grow up in  my soul.. Heading the end of the jungle of my emotional catharsis… Heading to the true colour of my existence…

  1. Ria Robinson says:

    I truly loved this piece. Very deep and inspiring

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