Chronicles of Path Walker(Chapter III) : Inner Honest

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Chronicles of Path Walker

And you have been swimming for so long, you stop counting the minutes , hours, days and weeks….

Your body hurts…. Each single muscle of your exhausted body hurts so bad , you just wish to drown in that empty nothing of this universe …

You hopelessly  turn your eyes all around the  view around you , looking for some peaceful dry and green land ….

But all you see is nothing than empty horizon of ocean waves that kiss the blue so blue sky of your life….

And before you embrace the thought for your lost life, you just looked up into your tired but still alive heart…

You looked into that tiny spark of the falling star that flames up the tremble of your passion in your  life…

It is the point of you being in that  endless  ocean, full of emotional waves, fear,  dreams and secret wishes…..

And somehow you find the way to push ahead… to the open empty horizon of your otherwise pointless life…

You see all those dolphins of hope track you down the road of your final destination …

You feel all that salty water splash  of joy , tickle your lonely heart….

You just keep pushing your body by feelings to the horizon of unknown…

Praying , hoping and believe of your someday, somewhere, no matter when happiness….

Dedicated to that one which is lost on his/her  swim to the happiness…

  1. d says:

    beautiful thoughts – beautiful lines

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